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Warehouse Project

Here is one of our heavy duty industrial projects

Automation Project

Below is an automation project with the latest technology

  • project1 copy.jpg
    Gorbel 2 ton freestanding stem with R&M chain hoist
  • project2.jpg
    Control cabin integration 4 overhead cranes outside
  • project3 copy.jpg
    R&M 5 ton hoist integration
  • project4 copy.jpg
    10 inch Magnetek brake on 20T custom hoist
  • project6 copy.jpg
    Real Gleason industrial reel integrated on a 20T custom trolley
  • project5 copy.jpg
    Gleason Reel festoon system integrated on a 25T overhead crane
  • project8 copy.jpg
    Festoon System with Neoprene Cable designed for the cold of northern Quebec
  • project7 copy.jpg
    Overhead crane control cabin manufactured according to customer requirements
  • project9 copy.jpg
    Hubbell EC&M DC Control Panel
  • project10 copy.jpg
    Gorbel Fall Stop System
  • project11 copy.jpg
    Hoist R & M 15 T
  • project12 copy.jpg
    Custom Double Beam Gleason Reel Festoon System
  • project13 copy.jpg
    Yale hoist designed for extreme winter -30 + 40 degree C
  • project14 copy.jpg
    Cattron control radio project to control 10 overhead cranes in a factory in Quebec

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