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Quality Management System Certified ISO 9001:2015

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Pro-Direct Industriel is the leader
in overhead cranes and lifting hoists and other specialized industrial equipments.

Our approach is simple:

Exclusive agreements, with renowned industrial equipment manufacturers, of high technology products.
- Excellent relationships with the technical departments of all manufacturers represented.
- Capability of providing and implementing solutions for your industrial applications.
- Ensure with multiple site visits, that our industrial solutions meet and exceed the application criteria.
- Supply engineering to ensure a complete integration of new equipment with existing equipment.
- We offer turnkey installations of all our products by our trained technicians.
- Implant within our works, a team effort to ensure continued flexibility, hence ensuring that all industrial solutions are fine-tuned to your application.
- Ensure a close working relationship with all customers to guarantee the implementation of new products that offer a quick payback with maximum efficiency, while respecting deadlines and budgets.

« we strive to remain ahead »

Our quality products for overhead cranes and lifting hoists include:

Crane components, Overhead cranes and other crane products...

-Cable and Hose management
-Custom built ergonomic workstations
-Festoon systems & Powertrak for cable/hose with trolleys
-Motorized cable reels for harsh environments

-Industrial disc type brakes
-Industrial shoe type brakes
-Pneumatic and hydraulic brakes
-Rail clamp storm brakes

-Control panels with contactors and industrial relays for AC or DC motors
-Emergency battery back-up systems
-Grounding resistors
-Magnet controllers
-Power limit switches & accessories
-Power Resistors
-Speed switches

Manual Hoists - Powered Hoists Trolleys C
Chain Fall - Air Chain Hoist - Manual Trolleys - Lever Hoist - Electric Chain Hoist

-Control panels for hoists, trolleys and bridges for overhead cranes
-DC to DC control panels for series wound motors
-IGBT control panels for locomotives

-Industrial disc type brakes
-Industrial shoe type brakes
-Pneumatic and hydraulic brakes
-Rail clamp storm brakes

-Air filtration and pressurization units
-Cab heaters and air conditioning units
-Heavy duty industrial air conditioning units

-Custom built systems
-Laser anti-collision system LCAS
-Locomotive radio remote controls
-Portable remote control systems
-Wireless Controls

A global technology company focused on providing systems, components and solutions that protect electronics from electromagnetic interference and heat, and that enable connectivity in mission-critical wireless applications and antenna systems.

Committed to

service and solid